We believe that ambitious, rural-centric, climate grantmaking is needed now more than ever. That’s why our grant program is designed to provide critical funding and resources to grantees that are taking practical, community-focused and innovative actions to implement equitable climate solutions in rural America.

Enabling our grantees to focus on driving meaningful change in rural communities is paramount at Rural Climate Partnership. With the combined strength of pooled resources from foundations & donors, we offer general operating and project support grants to bolster the work of rural-led and rural-serving organizations. Our funding typically ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 for projects and from $75,000 to $150,000 for general operating support.

We fund with the intention of cultivating and maintaining lasting relationships with our grantees. We’re committed to building trust through transparency, accountability, consistency, and collaboration at every stage. We strive to engage grantees as trusted partners, recognizing them as the community and issue experts they are.


what we fund


  • Organizations that are nonprofits, public agencies, religious organizations or tribal governments
  • Organizations with rural leadership, based in rural communities, and directly serving or targeting rural areas, small towns and small cities under 50-thousand across the United States, prioritizing communities with a population density under 10-thousand
  • National organizations that have a distinct rural focus and are actively engaged in addressing critical rural issues
  • Funding requests that support long-standing organizations or that scale up new organizations


What we don’t fund


  • Organizations based outside of the U.S or international funding projects
  • Grants to individuals or scholarships for personal use, capital campaigns (e.g., to buy a building) or endowments
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or national origin
  • Organizations or projects with an urban focus or impact, or those primarily serving areas with a population above 50,000


LOI Process


We strongly encourage interested groups to learn more about who we are, our approach, what we do, where we work, and who we work with prior to sending us an inquiry. Groups aligned with our work and seeking funding from RCP are welcome to submit a 1-3 page Letter of Inquiry (LOI).


LOIs should include the following:

  • Description of the organization’s background and makeup
  • RCP aligned issues that the organization or project will address
  • Specific goals, strategies, and activities that RCP funding will support
  • Geographic focus and populations served/targeted, and why
  • Description of the specific rural areas or communities that the organization will target/engage, and how this work will address their unique needs and challenges
  • 1-2 key accomplishments your organization has achieved
  • Any existing partnerships or potential collaborations related to the request

We welcome LOIs that have been submitted to other funders. Submissions are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year, and we will generally respond within six to ten weeks.


Ready to submit your LOI? You can use the form below or open it in an external window by clicking this link



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